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Thursday, June 16, 2016


From one season to the next our life flows. We hardly get to catch our breath and we are in a new season with a new struggle. We have to catch ourselves and make ourselves stop and rest. To see that we have reason to praise God. We are here, now. We are breathing. We can eat a meal. We can sing a song. We can go for a walk. We can listen to music and draw or paint or write a note. We can pick  up the phone and call someone we love. We can speak happy, encouraging words. We can make new friends and cultivate old ones. Life has so many challenging times that we have to stop and just be thankful. Truly thankful for the little things we have right in front of us. A home, a family, a dog, a dining table. As our hearts and minds are filled with thankfulness it lifts us out of our hard times and gives us a new perspective.  We can move from season to season in life with grace because of thankfulnes.

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